E1 is a physical layer protocol, like ethernet. It defines a 2Mbps pipe, which can be used for data, or can be split into 32 64Kbps telephone channels, or a mixture. If used for telephone channels, 30 of these channels can carry one telephone conversation each, and 2 carry signalling and timing information.

T1 is similar to E1. It is used in North America. It is 1.544Mbps, and can carry 24 telephone channels, each of which can carry a telephone conversation (but see below).

There are a number of protocols which can run on top of E1. Some of these are called CAS, Channel Associated Signalling. Examples are FXS loop start and E&M wink start. They provide information such as the number that was called, and what state the call is in. They're limited in what information they can carry, and are slow to set up.

A more modern protocol which overcomes these problems is ISDN. On E1, EuroISDN is the standard. On T1, there are different standards from different providers. DMS100, DMS250, NI1, and NI2 are common examples. ISDN uses one channel (called the D channel) for signalling call information. On E1, this is one of the 2 signalling channels, leaving 30 channels for voice (called B channels). On T1, there aren't any spare signalling channels, so one of the voice channels is used, leaving 23 B channels for voice.

A PRI (Primary Rate ISDN) is simply an E1 or T1 with ISDN on top of it. ISDN gives fast, reliable call setup and hangup detection, and detailed information about the call. In the UK, PRI is also called ISDN30.

An important extension to ISDN is Q.SIG, which provides extra signalling information that is used when connecting PBX systems.

An alternative to PRI is BRI (Basic Rate ISDN), which is a cheaper system for small offices. It has 2 64Kbps B channels for voice, and 1 16Kbps D channel for signalling. It is sold as an alternative to analogue telephone lines. IN the UK, it is also called ISDN2e.

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